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Kanetsugu Seki Damascus Steel Gyuto kitchen knife 230mm

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    Damascus is a stainless steel material that is sharpened in dozens of layers to produce a wave-like pattern.
    Aimed mainly at overseas customers, the product has a linear form that retains a Japanese flavor with elegant curves. The handle is ergonomically designed to make it very easy to hold.
    Blade material: Damascus steel with beautiful patterns.
    VG-10 is a high carbon stainless steel that contains cobalt. VG-10 is high-carbon stainless steel containing cobalt, which has a hardness of 60-61 and excellent cutting and wear resistance. The stainless steel has 33 layers on both sides, and by sharpening it sharply, a beautiful wave-like pattern that emerges expresses colored clouds (the glow of light that leaks between the clouds). The beautiful patterns created by the craftsman's skill attract many chefs.
    Sharpness: The Japanese sword shape of a clam
    The shape of the clam knife is that of a Japanese sword. It guarantees excellent sharpness and longevity. Also, it can be easily resharpened.
    Heat treatment: Sub-zero treatment
    Sub-zero treatment, a special treatment in which the blade is quenched and then cooled to -70℃ or lower, gives it high hardness and toughness, and makes it "unbreakable, unbending, and sharp".
    Handle Material: Beautiful and functional "Micarta" Micarta is a material made of resin and hemp cotton cloth by applying high pressure. It is a high-tech material with excellent heat and water resistance, and does not shrink or expand due to temperature or humidity. Since it does not shrink or expand due to humidity or temperature, it is an ideal material for knives.
    The design of the handle is Japanese modern, with a calculated pattern.
    In order to make the beauty of the micarta stand out, the design of the handle has been carefully calculated. The design is a combination of straight lines with a Japanese touch and elegant curves. The handle is ergonomically designed to make it very easy to hold.
    Clean: Integrated Knife with Tsubag
    The blade is integrated with the tsuba, so there is no gap between the handle and the blade, which prevents water from seeping in. In addition, the metal inside the handle, which is sandwiched between the wooden handle and the blade, used to rust or fall apart in conventional knives.


    Size: 36cm (length), 23cm (length of blade), 5cm (width of blade), 0.23cm (thickness of blade)
    Body weight: approx. 260g
    Blade VG-10 Damascus steel
    Handle: Micro Carta"

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